Photographer & Critic

As part of becoming a critic I’ve been practicing photography for over 15 years, creating award-winning landscapes as well as commercial photography for individuals and organizations such as the Downtown Bellingham Partnership, Cascadia Weekly, Make.Shift Art Space, Subdued Stringband Jamboree, and others.

I have spent years consciously analyzing and improving my own process. Over an equal period of time I have read dozens of books on photography, design, art, photoshop and the history of photography. I have also done much deep introspective thinking about what makes a compelling image.

Across that same time period I have continuously been a writer and communicator. I have been published in many blogs and regional magazines, as well as maintaining my own blogs. My expertise centers around communicating without ego or defensiveness. I focus on expressing in the written word the issues I see with visual communication through imagery. This is why I’m uniquely qualified to be your photography critic.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, Patrick Beggan for any questions or inquiries you might have!

My professional photography site is here.

Here are portfolios of my commercial photography.
Patrick Beggan
Bellingham, Washington

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